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postheadericon Comfy sacks present a solution to gain relaxation for your daily life Bean Bag present as a solution in the form of relaxing comfort sofa without a frame and can be occupied flexibly follow the curve of the body. In addition to the convenience factor, type of sofa is starting much preferred because it is light and easy to move. Fill material using Styrofoam seed. Bean Bag fact that already more popular outside Indonesia the average price is very expensive. But comes with a very affordable price and variant unique, varied and exclusive. has a very good product quality. The design is diverse and can be adjusted as desired (custom), Fill the sterofoam about 1-2 kg.

Currently there are 11 variations of forms offered Among them; Pyramids, Avocado Lounge (s, m, xl, double), Larva (beach, short), orange, square, and bamboo. But if do not match the variety offered, ready to make the appropriate needs. There are several choices of materials in Berry Bean Bag, namely: cotton, canvas, parachute, vinyl, Oscar and suede in various colors and patterns. For product details can see on the website